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wii wi
englissshh you monos
Qual a cor você é que vestem calcinha?
No en los pantalones de su perro.
Pipi en los pantalones de tu mama? :s
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PortobelloYou guy should see my face more starting may.

been working 12 hours+ every day, and i spend my little time off drinking or working out lol
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All you need is to make an alienware account. Watching the video it looks to be really team oriented (or clan ;)) so just thought I'd let you all see it while there are still plenty of keys available.
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[NwT]KRISS   Haha i already had an Alienware account! Cuz you know Alienware power! Thnx tho
Str8Shooter   joined Northwest Teabaggers
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[NwT]Michealweston   :d
Siiver7   HI Str8Shooter! I'm not in NwT, just visiting, but...hi! :d
[NwT]field-star   [link] we have a stalker!!!!!!!!!!! alert
URSnip3d"Whoa!! What an Awful, Awesome Power!! Even his Breath is a Weapon!!"
They say when they see the NwT tags :d
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[NwT]RazorEdge   I vouche that :0
Siiver7   Not in NwT, but whenever I see more than two of you on the same server at a time, I just say "Oh man, everyone's screwed..."

No joke :d
[NwT]field-star   hehe it will be any NwT sooon!!!
[NwT]AvleanMy firts time eva betting for one of the top cs go teams ever, againts a nub team and they decide to play like they were drunk +30 dollars loss :c
*Guys never bet on csgo
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ZeroGravityx92   Like... no, lol. Why would you do that x_x
AsianLess than 5 minute survey for my Sociology Class on Social Media Sites PLS AND TY

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[NwT]BlitZzZz   done...............keep on visit my blog
YChronicsSupport yuh boi on his new song!
Lil Wayne - Moment Remix Cover - YChronics
S/O Lil Wayne for this ill track. Only heard it yesterday an...
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CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 2140 Desktop PC AMD FX-Series FX-63...
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[NwT]RazorEdge   nah the graphic card is weakk
[NwT]Singh510I want to play this game with you guys.
AngryJoe vs Yogscast Guns of Icarus RUMBLEZONE
Guns of Icarus Online Steam Sale ends August 12th! Go pick i...
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[NwT]Singh510   No I just checked on Steam its $15 :(
Siiver7   SINGH where are ya?! I wanna fly wingman wid yoo!!! Dx
[NwT]Singh510   Hey wassup Siiver. I'll try to get on next week. If I'm on, I'll come on St6 ts and then maybe we can dogfight.
[NwT]BlitZzZzHappy BIrthday crazy pwnage....
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