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You know Singh. Nither did I. Thanks Obama.
Didn't know Indian was a language ehehe
there you go milf*
नहीं Huehuehuez
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AsianRed Orchestra 2 FOR FREE on Steam ( ENDS Today @ 10AM PST)

[NwT]RazorEdgeAfter playing several rounds i kinda got the feel of the map and stuff :3
such beast on my first day
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URSnip3d   Aint you playing with bots :/ ?
[NwT]RazorEdge   Nope map changed people left then My team had bots not the enemy
Mithirlchain   I can hear a newb in the background playing P4F
YChronicsBest BFP4F Game Ever!!!
BATTLEFIELD vs The World's Worst Gamer!
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Mithirlchain   [link]
Old news bruh
[NwT]Michealwestonmy Score after i made about 6-5 poeple rage quit off the game
[NwT]Singh510   You should do that in a server more than 5 people ;) Who knows you might hit 300 :/
[NwT]Michealweston   lol once i get my OP computer ya cant now cause im only getting like 20-35 fps in a full server on super low
Mithirlchain   I used to get 15-20 fps on low, completely playable
Str8ShooterSingh too pro killed me with a repair tool!
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[NwT]Singh510   lmao
Mithirlchain   [link]
Old news bro
Siiver7   SINGH YA COPY CAT :d
[NwT]Singh510LOL It is possible to kill with repair tool. All credit goes to Siiver7 :)
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[NwT]Singh510   And thnx to St8 :)
Siiver7   lol 8? :d
PortobelloYou guy should see my face more starting may.

been working 12 hours+ every day, and i spend my little time off drinking or working out lol
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URSnip3d   Hope to see ya soon buddy!! Have a good one
All you need is to make an alienware account. Watching the video it looks to be really team oriented (or clan ;)) so just thought I'd let you all see it while there are still plenty of keys available.
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[NwT]KRISS   Haha i already had an Alienware account! Cuz you know Alienware power! Thnx tho
Str8Shooter   joined Northwest Teabaggers
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Siiver7   HI Str8Shooter! I'm not in NwT, just visiting, but...hi! :d
[NwT]field-star   [link] we have a stalker!!!!!!!!!!! alert
Siiver7   WHERE, WHERE?! :o
URSnip3d"Whoa!! What an Awful, Awesome Power!! Even his Breath is a Weapon!!"
They say when they see the NwT tags :d
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Siiver7   Not in NwT, but whenever I see more than two of you on the same server at a time, I just say "Oh man, everyone's screwed..."

No joke :d
[NwT]field-star   hehe it will be any NwT sooon!!!
[NwT]Singh510   Razor can vouch this D huehuehue
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