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even if you think your hamster penis is big! lol
Its hard living with my......BIG PENIS huehueheu
Well good luck you both
Monday is my course project presentation too :/ Mondays sucks :o
monday is my 1st day at me 1st job ^^
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ARCHMANAll Members please check [NwT]Only for Info. Update!
Asian   <3
[NwT]1Ping1   <3
Unknown User  added 30 Advanced days to [NwT]Northwest Teabaggers
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Asian   I think he is talking about not being able to post on the home page, I can't either
ARCHMAN   hmm... try it now
[NwT]Aztac   still cant do anything ;.;
ARCHMANHAPPY 4th of JULY BAGGERS!! Remember the 3 B's this holiday 1) BBQ 2) BOOZE 3) BOOM!
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[NwT]1Ping1   Thx KRISS (PS still upset about that worldy cupy thing you dirty {awsome} Belgian) :d
Kriss   Haha tbh i'm upset too, just because i live in Belgium doesn't mean that they're my favorite :d
Kriss   And Belgium is out of the World Cup! GG Argentina.
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Kriss   Yeah Heated!
[NwT]1Ping1   Welcome to the chill box hot head ;)
[NwT]Aztac   i can not post anything on forums I do not know why
Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye. Epic Rap Battles of History Se...
Download This Song: ►http://bit.ly/1qj97L1◄ Visit http://Wei...
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ARCHMAN   crazy wierd al is in it...
[NwT]1Ping1   WTF Newton vs Nye?! Whats next? Jesus Vs. Tom Cruise?!
ARCHMANGuess who got thier own Timberwolf or Madcat in MWO? THE ARCHY!! DID!!
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URSnip3d   You still play this game? :o
ARCHMAN   hellya!! its ton of fun!!
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[NwT]_NERF3D_   wooo
RazorEdge   el pingo
[NwT]1Ping1   Im el ive!
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